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05 . 30 . 2014
Anonymous ASKED
Was there an interview with Levi? do you know where I can find it, translated?.

No, there was no interview with Levi, nor is one planned with him I believe in the AU smartpass interview series, sadly. :(

05 . 28 . 2014





So, here's the bit from Hanji's interview where she talks about Levi knocking her out so she would take a bath.

It’s not the whole interview, but at least now we know for sure!





Interviewer: So, is this not like they’ve already given up on you?
Hanji: Probably! Mike and Erwin say nothing about it. Ah, but Levi…

Interviewer: Did he say anything about it?

Hanji: Uhh… from time to time I black out from getting hit, then when I become conscious again I would get splashed at and somehow… it’s like having a bath.

Interviewer: It is… done by force, isn’t it?

Hanji: That, perhaps, is more like cleaning than having a bath! I think he planned it all out with my subordinates, but because I lost consciousness I can’t be sure.

Key points of the interview translated by anon on /a/:

  • Her lab is dusty and overflowing with books and tools.
  • She wanted to know about the world from a long time ago.
  • She hates titans because they forced humanity to live inside the walls.
  • She joined the Scouting Legion because she wants to kill titans and know more about the world.
  • When she was a kid, she once used a shovel to scrape at the walls (And got the Military Police and wall cult really angry).
  • Her results during trainee days were “Not that bad”
  • There was once she talked 2 days about the titans straight without even realizing it.
  • She thinks favorably of Erwin, Levi, Mike and Moblit. She thinks they are calm and good soldiers.

Some snippets posted on a Japanese blog:

Q: Your goggles seem useful in battle.
Hanji: They have their uses. Such as being paid out of the Scouting Legion’s expenses.
Q: Eh!? So they’re paid for with their expenses?!??
Hanji: They’re a necessity you know, they’re required expenses! It’s not like they’re being paid with the expenses used for Levi’s preference of black tea, you know?

Q: Your type of person?
Hanji: A person that is alright even if I don’t look after them too much.

Q: (Omitted)
Hanji: The stuff Moblit says is motherly. Stuff like, ‘Did you have a proper meal? Did you sleep soundly?’”

Q: Do you see yourself as Levi’s interpreter?
Hanji: He sounds like he’s angry because he speaks roughly, right. But that’s because his true feelings aren’t like that.

Q: (Omitted)
Hanji: I speak a lot with the soldiers that enrolled around the same time as me.
…if they were alive…

Q: If mankind were finally liberated from the titans, what would they do?
Hanji: Mankind would rule. But I would like to research vegetation outside the walls, or study about humanity’s past.

I don’t have the complete interview nor can I find the complete transcript on Japanese sites, but if you have the whole interview, feel free to message me!

(Source: logsoku.com)

04 . 29 . 2014

Reminder for Super Comic City 23 next Sun!

Yup, as expected from me, another sellout salesperson post! I’m still taking orders for Super Comic City 23 on 05/04, so if you still want some Shingeki  doujinshi, find out how to order here!

04 . 20 . 2014

Taking orders for Super Comic City 23 on 5/04!

Yeeeah, I’m still dead, lol. What can I say, living in the land of anime kinda does that to ya… ><;;; I still eternally apologize to the followers who follow me for stuff other than doujin sellout ad posts. m(_ _;)m

FINALLY the next big Shingeki doujinshi event is finally here, so I’m taking orders again! Super Comic City 23 is coming up on 5/04, and this event is a major overall doujinshi event, so I’m most likely gonna die there, lol DX

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04 . 20 . 2014


Got the Aria magazine and the massive bunch of doujin I ordered through an angel aka hellaspicy. :D I’m really grateful for her getting all these together for me. I’m really touched by the postcard and the little goodies she included. I feel like I owe her my first born.

If your in need of any goodies, doujin and all things cool from Japan, I highly recommend you go ahead and have a chat with hellaspicy. She’s awesome and hellanice. XD

But seriously, risk-k is awesome, and it’s always a pleasure doing business with her. >w<

P.S. I am hella nice ;D Or at least, I like to think, lol…

04 . 20 . 2014


Hello! For a long time I actually post my own post here (maybe I should do this more often, who knows? :’DD )!! Anyway!! Last month 9.2 in Japan, there was this big Shingeki Doujinshi event called Kabehaku 2. Of course you can’t order from there so I just looked from Pixiv what they will sell there, you know just torturing myself because I can’t have any. x’DD Then I remembered that I once saw this tumblr blog Hellaspicy, she visits in these events and takes orders from interested buyers. So I went to look after her again and found her and asked if she still takes one more order.

She was really nice and answered really quickly (sorry that I was so slow… ;u; ) and even offered to give advises and help to see what events there will be in Japan next year when me and my friends are going there! >u< <3

And there they are (expect I think I forgot one book from the picture x’D )!! Everything was in great shape and they arrived very quickly in around 3-4 days after I paid last of the package price, what wasn’t even that expensive compared that when I last time ordered from other person who got the books from Toraona. :D I actually ordered 20 books but I got 16 because I didn’t know that those events are quite short and she had other customers and her own things to find too. But she missed only 4 books so it doesn’t matter. C: She even went to search missing books from book stores and found me this really sweet JeanMarco calendar!! <3 Also there was those cute little advertisements, little bookmark, notepad and box of chocolate with the books so I’m really happy with this set. />u</ <3<3<3<3

So if you are interested getting doujinshis from events, ask Hellaspicy!! When you support her you also support your favorite artists from pixiv/Japan!! +->uO

Again thank you so SO much Hellaspicy!! I don’t know how to thank you enough!! <3 


Have a nice Sunday everyone!!

♥ Thank YOU so much!! ;v;