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04 . 20 . 2014

Taking orders for Super Comic City 23 on 5/04!

Yeeeah, I’m still dead, lol. What can I say, living in the land of anime kinda does that to ya… ><;;; I still eternally apologize to the followers who follow me for stuff other than doujin sellout ad posts. m(_ _;)m

FINALLY the next big Shingeki doujinshi event is finally here, so I’m taking orders again! Super Comic City 23 is coming up on 5/04, and this event is a major overall doujinshi event, so I’m most likely gonna die there, lol DX

How to order from me under the cut!:

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04 . 20 . 2014


Got the Aria magazine and the massive bunch of doujin I ordered through an angel aka hellaspicy. :D I’m really grateful for her getting all these together for me. I’m really touched by the postcard and the little goodies she included. I feel like I owe her my first born.

If your in need of any goodies, doujin and all things cool from Japan, I highly recommend you go ahead and have a chat with hellaspicy. She’s awesome and hellanice. XD

But seriously, risk-k is awesome, and it’s always a pleasure doing business with her. >w<

P.S. I am hella nice ;D Or at least, I like to think, lol…

04 . 20 . 2014


Hello! For a long time I actually post my own post here (maybe I should do this more often, who knows? :’DD )!! Anyway!! Last month 9.2 in Japan, there was this big Shingeki Doujinshi event called Kabehaku 2. Of course you can’t order from there so I just looked from Pixiv what they will sell there, you know just torturing myself because I can’t have any. x’DD Then I remembered that I once saw this tumblr blog Hellaspicy, she visits in these events and takes orders from interested buyers. So I went to look after her again and found her and asked if she still takes one more order.

She was really nice and answered really quickly (sorry that I was so slow… ;u; ) and even offered to give advises and help to see what events there will be in Japan next year when me and my friends are going there! >u< <3

And there they are (expect I think I forgot one book from the picture x’D )!! Everything was in great shape and they arrived very quickly in around 3-4 days after I paid last of the package price, what wasn’t even that expensive compared that when I last time ordered from other person who got the books from Toraona. :D I actually ordered 20 books but I got 16 because I didn’t know that those events are quite short and she had other customers and her own things to find too. But she missed only 4 books so it doesn’t matter. C: She even went to search missing books from book stores and found me this really sweet JeanMarco calendar!! <3 Also there was those cute little advertisements, little bookmark, notepad and box of chocolate with the books so I’m really happy with this set. />u</ <3<3<3<3

So if you are interested getting doujinshis from events, ask Hellaspicy!! When you support her you also support your favorite artists from pixiv/Japan!! +->uO

Again thank you so SO much Hellaspicy!! I don’t know how to thank you enough!! <3 


Have a nice Sunday everyone!!

♥ Thank YOU so much!! ;v;

01 . 24 . 2014

Taking doujinshi orders for Kabehaku 2!

This blog is pretty much only good for ordering doujinshi now; translations and photo updates be damned, lol. My laziness is unfortunately something that cannot be cured that easily, sob. I eternally apologize to the followers who follow me for stuff other than doujin sellout ad posts. m(_ _;)m

Anyway! The next big Shingeki doujinshi event is finally here! Kabehaku 2 is coming up on 2/09, and I’m HELLA excited for the event! Why am I more excited for this event over other Shingeki doujin events, you ask?

The reason why I’ve also tagged this post with the Levihan tag is: All Levihan fans who are interested in ordering Levihan doujinshi, this is pretty much THE event to order Levihan doujin like crazy. It seems that FINALLY Levihan is getting more recognized/popular in Japan, so the Levihan artists have banded together to make a mini Levihan event happen! The mini event is called “こっち向け奇行種!/Turn this way, aberrant!”, and while the event isn’t huge, it’s the first time a Levihan-only event is happening at a doujinshi event, which makes my shipper heart swell with joy.  So because they’ve organized the wonderful mini event, a LOT of Levihan artists are coming out specifically for this event. ;w; (Over 180 circles!! HOLY SHIT THAT’S A LOT FOR LEVIHAN HERE IN JAPAN YOU KNOW.)

That got you excited? Good, now here’s how to order from me!:

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01 . 24 . 2014
Anonymous ASKED


Yay Area representtt

12 . 30 . 2013

Winter Comiket haul~ From top to bottom: Levihan haul, crack haul, and novelties. The winner of the crack haul this time is cyborg Erwin, loool. Doraemon Levi/Levaemon comes in close 2nd.

I can’t believe I survived TWO freakin’ insane Comikets this year. Also, I will never wait 5 hours before the doors open in the freezing cold again… NEVER AGAIN. DX

(Yes, in the 3rd pic, I did receive sexy Erwin tissues, a Levi hand warmer, and Shingeki gum… I swear, Japanese doujinshi events and their weird novelties, hahahah. The sexy Erwin tissues also appear in the crack Erwin doujin I bought! :D)